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Our solution is a cloud-based intelligent system built for making smarter decisions; utilizing autonomous wireless sensors embedded within physical spaces - compiling and collating the streams of data, to analyse, predict and visualize.


enables 3D Visualization of tagged assets with field services and case management.


collects various data points and collates into actionable insights


The platform applies machine learning to provide predictive analytics for pro-active management


seamless integration of data to provide a holistic view of your assets


Disruption through Innovation


Integrated single view & source of truth of your management systems and IoT (Internet of Things) devices


Our predictive analytics with trend analysis will help manage risk and maintain compliance requirements


Our simplified data view and actionable insights will enable cost and time savings up to 30%* & extend the lifetime of your systems


Achieve optimal efficiency of your utility & occupancy consumption including; energy, water and accessibility


Ensure maintenance is maximized with real time visual data on completed jobs on tagged assets & case management

What We Do

Our solution's visualisation & prediction capabilities enables cohesive automated system management across Industrial venues, Greenhouse Systems, Utility Management & Field Services. Through our ecosystem, we collect, integrate, predict & deliver data in a simplified format through our unique 3D Visualiser; complete with asset tagging & case management capabilities. Enabling our customers to further optimize the benefits obtained through existing systems. We extend the life of existing systems by converting their data into actionable insights, making them smarter, improving efficiency & maximising yields.


Intelligent Farming

Increase Crop Yields

Increase Crop Yields

Traditional Agriculture practices have been undergoing an evolution; embracing new technologies, operational innovation, crop yield prediction & new purposes such as carbon sequestration. However, managing the resources to produce crops, monitor climate factors and navigate supply market factors is a complex process. Agriculture is more than merely production – it includes the inputs into production; the social environmental setting of farms & people, the downstream transport & processing of commodities to prepare them for food production. At Reimagine Data, we believe providing access to actionable insights will enable substrate distributors, suppliers & growers to make better utility management decisions, increase crop yields, reduce their costs & create market opportunity. Leveraging the ability to mitigate environmental factors will provide growers with a better opportunity to manage critical aspects of their output to meet the ever-changing demands of nature & the global market.

What We Do

Our solution's visualisation & prediction capabilities enable automated system management across Greenhouse Automation, Water Management & Field Services. Through our ecosystem of software & applications, we collect, integrate, predict & deliver data in a simplified format through our unique 3D Visualiser with asset tagging & case management capabilities. This enables our growers to further optimize the energy and output benefits obtained through their existing agri-tech systems. We deliver improved efficiency, greater yield & crop quality through access to powerful actionable data insights.

What We Do

Construction & Property

Why We’re Here

The construction & property industry currently faces a disparate network of smart decentralised information systems that result in complex & costly facilities management. Analysts predict that investments into building management systems will be significantly impacted by tighter budget constraints. This will place further strain on an organisation's ability to manage their asset facilities in an efficient and risk-free manner. Reimagine Data's ability to integrate across decentralised systems provide accurate & simplified insights across energy, safety, security, climate & utilisation.

Why We’re Here

What We Do

What We Do

Our solution’s visualisation & prediction capabilities enable automated facilities management across the building & construction industry. We cover the end to end needs for Commercial Buildings, Government/Public sector, Industrial, Sports Facilities, Healthcare & Wellness Centres. Through our open ecosystem of software & applications, we are are able to collect, integrate, predict & deliver data in a simplified format through our unique 3D Visualiser with asset tagging & case management capabilities.

Drive Transparency and Accountability

As we review the requirements of managing a construction project to managing commercial real estate, industrial raw materials & energy sources. Construction Property is more than merely building a structure – it includes the inputs into production; the environmental setting, people & systems used to monitor those inputs require constant monitoring to ensure efficiency. At Reimagine Data we believe providing access to actionable insights on management of those assets will yield greater control & efficiency.

Drive Transparency and Accountability


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Message from the Co-founders;  Thank you all for your kind words and well-wishers; for our venture.

Our story, we are a bunch of technologists and industry experts wanting to give back to society, we have benefited from what this country has to offer. Unfortunately, over the last few months as a society, we have seen several disasters. Many industries are experiencing hardship in this country and around the world.

We started as a business venture that is motivated to achieve a social outcome. Our intent is to operate a social enterprise that aims to be financially sustainable while providing economic, social and environmental benefits to global communities.

We aim to be socially innovative while continuously thinking outside the box by being brave, bold and disruptive through technology solutions to help communities and industry.

Our strategy is to help build a more resilient and sustainable Agriculture and Property ecosystem that enriches us as global citizens.


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